The St. George Chess Club runs a variety of events including long time, blitz and rapid games. The standard time controls for these events are:

Long time control: Usually either 90 minutes plus 30 seconds a move, or 60 minutes plus 10 seconds a move. Players will have to record the moves as they are playing the game.

Rapid time control: Usually 30 minutes per game. There will be three games played per night (nine games over three weeks).

Allegro time control: Usually 15 minutes per game.

Blitz time conrol: Usually 5 minutes to finish the game. These tournaments are run in between the major tournaments and are completed on one night.

All of the games at St George except for the blitz are rated on either the ACF Normal or ACF Quick ratings list. The St George Club Championship is also FIDE rated.

People who are not playing are welcome to come along and watch, and there are often other players sitting around looking for a friendly game.