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St George Club Teams Challenge June 11 – August 6

Teams CrossTable after Round 3

Detailed Results for Rounds 1-3
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List of players in each team 
(the usual players for boards 1-5 are at the top of each list; any reserves used are at the bottom of list, in no particular order).

Team Pairings for all Rounds

Individual Results in List Form  (all rounds)

This is a 9-round team round-robin chess tournament, with games played under a ‘classical’ time control (75 mins + 10 secs bonus per move). There are ten teams with five players in each. The Club Captain (Charles Zworestine) places the players into teams such that each team has, ideally, an equal chance of winning the tournament. Within any one team, the players are sorted (by their ACF rating) to play at Board 1, or Board 2, or Board 3, and so on. On any given night, if you have been designated, for example, as a Board 3 player, you will play a single game against a Board 3 player from one of the other teams.

In the pairings table, the team on the left always plays: black on board 1, white on board 2, black on board 3, white on board 4, black on board 5.

2024 Big Boards versus Norths (first leg) 2024

Team Result (only top 40 boards are counted): St George 20.5: Norths 19.5

Individual Results

2024 St George Club Championships

Note: Where less than 24 hours prior notice is provided to the Club Captain, Charles Zworestine, by the player not able to attend, that player will forfeit the game.

Final Results
Div 1Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Div 2Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Div 3Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Div 4Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Div 5Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Div 6Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Div 7Results and ScheduleCrosstable
Trophy Winners
Div 1CM Khishigbataar BayasgalanCM Daniel Melamed
Div 2Michael S. BabicGeorge Morgan
Div 3Volkan SokerChristian Lagarez
Div 4Ashton LiRobert Fenton-Lee
Div 5Huey TengPeter Swinton
Div 6Stephen Manwarring, Ken Eldridge
Div 7Zachary LeeRobert Roskowski, Olivar Ametson, Dimitrios Gourlas
2024 St George QuickPlay

Our apologies for the delay, but the final crosstable for the recent 9-round Quickplay Tournament is now accessible below. Congratulations to the outright winner, Arthur Huynh who scored 8.5/9!  CM Daniel Melamed was a point behind, and club stalwart Sarwat Rewais was third with 7 points.

Crosstable After Round 9

Tournament description: Swiss format, with 9 rounds, three games each Tuesday night: Feb 13, 20, 27. Time control: Each player has 25 mins and 10 secs increment is added after each move. ACF Quick Rated.

Round 1 Results
Round 2 Results
Round 3 Results
Round 4 Results
Round 5 Results
Round 6 Results
Round 7 Results
Round 8 Results
Round 9 Results

2024 St George Summer Lightning

Final CrossTable

Individual Rounds

2023-24 Summer Lightning Prizes
1st $80: John-Stuart Plant (9/9)1st $45 Sait Buzgan (5.5/9)Eq 1st $37.50 each Ralph Shaw; Samuel Slingo (4.5/9)
2nd $50 Mario Falchoni(7.5/9)Eq 2nd $6 each: Srijan Badam; Ghassan Beydoun; Christian Lagarez; Ashton Li; Kevin Liu. (5/9)
Eq 3rd $15 each: Sarwat Rewais; Changhao Yu (6.5/9)

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